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Communication News

Congratulations to the three Business Communication students who are featured on the inaugural "Student Stories" site on the Stevenson University website. The three -- Corrin Harris, Lauren Novsak and Bryan Corvera-Flores -- speak candidly about their extraordinary experiences on and off campus. From internships with the U.S. Naval Academy and Walt Disney World, to service opportunities in New Orleans, these three students have made the most of every possibility during their education.  Read their amazing stories here.

Congratulations to Business Communication professor Heather Harris and her research partner Dr. Kimberly Moffitt from UMBC for their insightful article showcased on in media res, a media commons project. The article, titled "She's Gotta Have It: The (Re)focusing of Nola Darling," examines the Netflix series "She's Gotta Have It" and its portrayal of Nola Darling, the protagonist. Professors Harris and Moffitt have in the past contributed a chapter to Fight the Power: The Spike Lee Reader (2009)  In media res is "dedicated to experimenting with collaborative, multi-modal forms of online scholarship," according to the website.

Take a look at Business Communication student Krystal Alexis (from SUTV) as she narrates a short tour with Foster Wilson, director of facilities, through the new student space in Garrison Hall. From e-sports to a fitness center, Krystal makes the space sound exciting and welcoming! Watch the video here.

Congratulations to the staff of The Villager for an excellent fall, 2017 semester under the leadership of editor-in-chief Gage Markley, who will continue his editorial duties into the spring semester. The staff ended the semester with a breakfast catered by Terri's Cafe while still planning for the next issue's upload.

The Villager posts about 15 new articles every week on the site, Readership continues to grow, and the staff is able to track hits weekly. Business Communication associate professor Chip Rouse is The Villager's advisor.

A hearty holiday "thank you" to the seven Business Communication students who volunteered to help at the Alumni Association's "Breakfast with Santa" on Saturday, Dec. 9.  Five of them, journalism students, served as face painters and two more were busy photographing the event. Our painters included Krystal Alexis, Alex Button, Tim Craig, Danyelle Robinson, and Claudia Tonti, and our two photographers were Lauren Novsak and Wornden Ly. Business Communication students have been participating in the event for a number of years, volunteering in response to Associate Professor Chip Rouse's call. Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus, professor of Business Communication, was also on hand for the festivities.

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