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Communication News

Business Communication alum Dave Steinwedel will be part of the Winters Mill football coaching staff as a JV assistant offensive and defensive line coach this fall. Wrote Dave on Facebook: "I cannot wait to start camp in the morning with a great group of coaches and working toward building a winner at my old high school." The school is located in Westminster, Maryland.

It's time once again to check in with our intrepid Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, alum Mackenzie Wieder, as she hiked through Vermont on her trek north. Amid the trail mud and steep hills, Mackenzie took her time to avoid a hiking accident, but was on hand when another hiker suffered a fall and probable broken ankle, rendering him unable to walk any further. Constructing a splint and searching for help, Mackenzie later wrote, "Our only option at this point was to call EMTs to perform a mountain rescue. By this point a bunch of other hikers we know had caught up and were trying to help in any way they could." After a few hours, the injured hiker was transported to safety, and Mackenzie's trek continued.

She writes: "It has rejuvenated my spirit to be out here and reminded me how lucky I am to be doing something I love every day. It is easy to become jaded by the rain, bugs, mud, rocks, and lack of views, but then I remember that I am surrounded by a community of people who banded together to help a fellow hiker in need. I remember that soon this adventure will be over and I will want more than anything to be back out here. Thru-hiking is tough but it is the most rewarding experience. And with that, I keep moving forward." You can read more about Mackenzie's journey here. It appears that Mackenzie has under 500 miles left to hike along the 2190 miles of the trail. You go, girl!

Business Communication alum Dave Steinwedel will be calling games for the Maryland Dynasty, part of the Women's American Basketball Association, the sister league to the American Basketball Association. The first game is August 4 as the Steel City Queens take on the Maryland Dynasty at 4 p.m. Games can be watched on I-95 Sports Network. Click on the link to learn more. The Maryland Dynasty is based in Harford County and plays some of their games at The Highlands School, 2409 Creswell Road in Bel Air.

Congratulations, Dave!

A random search of LinkedIn has revealed that the field of real estate has significant appeal to Business Communication alumni. Among others, Morgan Buckingham, Lauren Shapiro, Matt Staud, Melinda Kane, Patrick Marsiglia, and Kelly Taylor have chosen this field or at least practiced in it for a time. What draws the Business Communication majors to this career path? An article in the Real Estate Express notes five characteristics of the most successful real estate agents. Let's see how the BizComm major addresses this career path.

#1: A desire to help people

Real estate agents are in a service profession. Their careers depend upon their ability to serve others, and classes like Interpersonal Communication and Small Group Communication target and develop the skills necessary to succeed in a service-oriented profession.

#2: Enthusiasm for real estate

The most successful agents love the entire business of real estate, including the sales and negotiation aspects. Business Communication students take courses in Conflict and Negotiation, Marketing, Survey of Accounting and Integrated Marketing Communication -- all of which help students to understand and compete in the world of business.

#3: Energy and drive

The world of real estate professionals demands energy, drive, and organization. Relying on well-developed interpersonal skills, event planning techniques, management abilities, and public relations expertise, the Business Communication graduate is well-prepared for the demands of the job.

#4: A winning personality

Clients are looking for a real estate agent with whom they feel comfortable, and Business Communication graduates have learned the necessity of being good listeners and clear communicators. They pay attention to their clients' nonverbal indicators and are tuned in to other interpersonal signals. Personality depends on relationships, and BizComms are terrific in that area!

#5: Strong business acumen

Real estate professionals not only have to understand complex transactions, but they also have to be able to explain them to clients. So being a clear communicator who understands the world of business and sales is essential -- and that's exactly what Business Communication graduates have learned.

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