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Communication News

Business Communication alum Julia Tucker took to the field on Saturday, August 11, 2018, at Oriole Park at Camden Yards to sing the National Anthem prior to the Orioles' game against the Boston Red Sox. Over 18,000 fans were on hand for her solo, and though the Orioles later lost the game 6-4, it was still a great day to celebrate, as second baseman Brian Roberts and sportscaster Fred Manfra were inducted into the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame prior to the game. Congratulations, Julia! (Photographs courtesy of Julia Tucker)


Senior Molly Myers (left) offered some insights through LinkedIn about what she has learned through her internship at Platinum Reputations. She writes:

1. Business meetings are stressful. They are also very interesting and gave me a chance to learn so much more about running a business.

2. A company that responds to its clients' feedback is more likely to get repeat business than those that don't.

3. Creating social media content for businesses is harder than it seems. I hit many creative roadblocks along the way, but it's definitely a fun career.

4. When given the opportunity to network... Take it!

5. Always always always ask questions! If you don't understand something or if you don't know how to do something, someone is there to help. Learn from others and seek help with your work when needed.

Platinum Reputations is a Cockeysville-based firm that helps businesses and individuals improve their online reputations, through the use of a full team of legal, search experts and computer science engineers who create a strategic plan of action for each client. Their specialties include online damage control, niche business/industry brand solutions, and mitigation, according to the company's website.

Business Communication alum Dave Steinwedel will be part of the Winters Mill football coaching staff as a JV assistant offensive and defensive line coach this fall. Wrote Dave on Facebook: "I cannot wait to start camp in the morning with a great group of coaches and working toward building a winner at my old high school." The school is located in Westminster, Maryland.

It's time once again to check in with our intrepid Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, alum Mackenzie Wieder, as she hiked through Vermont on her trek north. Amid the trail mud and steep hills, Mackenzie took her time to avoid a hiking accident, but was on hand when another hiker suffered a fall and probable broken ankle, rendering him unable to walk any further. Constructing a splint and searching for help, Mackenzie later wrote, "Our only option at this point was to call EMTs to perform a mountain rescue. By this point a bunch of other hikers we know had caught up and were trying to help in any way they could." After a few hours, the injured hiker was transported to safety, and Mackenzie's trek continued.

She writes: "It has rejuvenated my spirit to be out here and reminded me how lucky I am to be doing something I love every day. It is easy to become jaded by the rain, bugs, mud, rocks, and lack of views, but then I remember that I am surrounded by a community of people who banded together to help a fellow hiker in need. I remember that soon this adventure will be over and I will want more than anything to be back out here. Thru-hiking is tough but it is the most rewarding experience. And with that, I keep moving forward." You can read more about Mackenzie's journey here. It appears that Mackenzie has under 500 miles left to hike along the 2190 miles of the trail. You go, girl!

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