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Communication News

MortarboardThe faculty of the department of Business Communication are getting ready to say goodbye to the following Business Communication students who will soon receive their diplomas! The 66th Commencement exercises for Business Communication students will be held on May 23 at 3 p.m. in the gymnasium on the Greenspring campus.

Arielle Ashpes
Lauren Aversa
Naseehaa Bacchus
Brett Bean
Carlyn Bessicks
Jonathan Brown
Thomas Brown IV
Alexandria Button
Joseph Candon
Steven Csillag
Tyler Didra
DeJonna Farrar
Paul Farrell
Christine Favata
Zaria Greene
Olivia Hare
Duona Liu
Christine Longbottom
Quinn Luethy
Wornden Ly
Molly Myers
Lauren Novsak
Claudia Tonti
Amir Wallace
Mariah Williams

Congratulations to Dr. Nadene Vevea, dean of communication programs and co-faculty (with Professor Forest Bell) of "The Mill," an interdisciplinary class that worked all semester "Stitching Maryland Together." The initiative, funded in part by PNC Bank, worked hand in hand with the Jewish Museum of Maryland and the Maryland Historical Society to shed light on Baltimore's fashion industry, past and present. "This movement exists to give fashion the platform it needs to inspire ongoing involvement," according to the movement's website. Students and faculty of the SU department of fashion design and merchandising worked with members of the Stitching Maryland Together movement and members of The Mill as they planned and hosted a gala fashion event titled “Expedition I” on May 4, 2019, at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore, Maryland.

Below, Dr. Vevea joins Business Communication faculty members Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus, Stephanie Verni and Chip Rouse as the gala begins. Fashion design students exhibited their collections on the runway at Rams Head Live!, while all of the student helpers took a bow at the end. Senior BizComm Claudia Tonti also took a moment off from her managerial duties to snap a photo with her faculty members. (Photos from Facebook)

Photos from Stitching Maryland Together Gala

RAs in BizCommCongratulations to the RAs who were in attendance at the Residence Life "Roaring '20s" banquet on Sunday, April 29, 2019, and to the Faculty in the Halls who. could join them! Pictured here are the Business Communication Resident Assistants who work hard to make residential life pleasant in their halls: Amir Wallace, Olivia Hare, Isabella Maxey and Paul Farrell.

Faculty who attended the banquetFaculty in the Halls professors Laurel Moody (Nursing) and Chip Rouse (Business Communication) were also on hand! Here, they pose for a photo next to First-Year Resident Director Jason Summers.

The Business Communication interns, under the direction of Sonya Lawyer, internship director, joined other interns from the School of Design on Friday, April 26, 2019, as they exhibited posters detailing their internships and then participated in a panel discussion about their shared experiences.

Interns and their posters

EAMC Internship announcement

Congratulations to Business Communication senior Claudia Tonti, who was recently awarded an EAMC (Events and Arena Marketing Conference) internship, a highly selective experience sponsored by the Event and Arena Marketing Conference group. Only seven students were chosen, mostly from larger universities, as shown in the announcement above. Claudia will get the opportunity to network, assist EAMC planning committee members prior to and throughout the conference with database management, survey collection, team-building activities, photography, note taking, and more.

Claudia will travel to Toronto June 11 for the conference with her Stevenson University internship site supervisor, Edie Brown, of Edie Brown and Associates, who is an EAMC Hall of Fame member. Claudia's flight, hotel, conference registration, and all other expenses have been covered through the internship award.

In 2003, the EAMC Board of Directors awarded its first internships to college students interested in the live entertainment industry. The internships provide the opportunity to attend the conference sessions and evening activities, assist committee members throughout the conference with registration and surveys, network with live entertainment executives and inquire about possible future job openings within the industry.

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