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Communication News

Senior Mark Panneton, shown on the left on the photo, has been working at Videology in Baltimore's McHenry Row under the mentorship of John Rogers, the senior vice president of media partnerships, shown here with Mark. Videology, an 8-year-old company, uses "global, market-leading technology and enables their customers to manage, measure and optimize digital video and TV advertising to achieve the best results in today fast-moving media landscape," according to the company's website. Mark's work is technical in nature and provides a significant piece of research for the company.

Senior Brent Hiken's love of and successful career in lacrosse has earned him an internship under Travis Crane (on the right in the photo, with a young player and Brent) with Foundation Lacrosse, an organization that works with middle and high school boys developing ther lacrosse and leadership skills. Brent's ability at the faceoff position gives him an edge over many coaches, and at Foundation Lacrosse, he is using his communication skills to analyze and coach young players to succeed in a highly competitive field. (Photo courtesy of Brent Hiken)

A love of sports propelled senior Derrek Rasinski to seek an internship at the Indoor Sports Arena in Stevensville, Maryland. Here he assists Gina Carbone, the managing director of the facility, with day-to-day operations of the facility, which has the ability to accommodate almost any sport with its open space Field Turf and large playing areas. Derrek's work in marketing, social media, and development has helped to grow the Arena's fan base and client memberships.

Senior Jess Barley has discovered a new career path while working at Brightview Assisted Living in Bel Air. She will pursue an advanced degree in gerontology after graduating from Stevenson, and meanwhile she continues to enjoy her activity work with those in assisted living at Brightview. She helps to plan a monthly calendar of events, and leads the residents in a wide variety of activities each day. Jess is working under the mentorship of Michael Tubbs, Wellspring Village Director, shown here with her.

Senior Ike Williams  (on the right in the photo) has made himself an invaluable member of the KDGA Advertising team under the mentorship of founder and creative director Justin Jones. KDGA strategizes with clients to make their brands better, and Ike, now functioning as an account executive, has been learning the ropes not just of the creative side, but of the business side of advertising as well. KDGA works with diverse clients including Coca Cola, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and Wesley College.

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