As classes will be starting soon, here are a dozen tips that might offer you a path to success in 2016. Would you add anything to this list?

1. Make it a point to meet — and meet with — your academic advisor.
2. Don’t be afraid to take risks — by joining a new club, playing on a team or finding interesting activities to participate in.
3. Form a routine that will help you stay on track, depending on your schedule.
4. Pay attention to your health through good food, exercise, and sleep choices.
5. Set organized weekly goals — and write them down. Then carry them out.
6. Know yourself — your skills, abilities and interests — and make the most of them.
7. Get a mentor, someone on campus or at your internship who can be your “go-to” advice person.
8. Read your syllabi. Faculty expect you to be familiar with each class’ plan.
9. Arrive on time for every class and meeting. There’s no excuse for tardiness.
10. Make friends in each class. It’s great to have a study buddy or a reliable academic partner.
11. Start assignments early. Procrastination and wasting time will always hold you back.
12. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid your teacher will get irritated. Someone else probably has the same questions you do.