On day 44, our 4K for Cancer runner and Business Communication graduate Jen Antonelli and her team ran from Youngstown, Ohio, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, closing in on the final leg of their trip.

Jen writes, "Ran to the first familiar town of the trip so far! It is starting to feel real that we are almost done... 5 more days until we are in Baltimore!"  Jen and her 30 teammates started their 49-day journey in San Francisco in June to raise awareness and funds for cancer through the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adult’s 4K for Cancer program. In the photo, the group gathered for a shot after volunteering at the James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Jen is in the front row, fourth from the left.

You can learn more about Jen's run here or read her blog.  Keep running, Jen! (Photo from Jen's Facebook page)