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Communication News

Date: Aug 24, 2021

Grace Clark head shotBusiness Communication alum Grace Clark embarked on a journey that began a few months ago as she left her secure PR job in Baltimore and moved to Philadelphia. She has since found a job as an event planner with Beautiful Blooms Events in Philly.  She took some time to examine the stressors that preceded her new position:

"Although I couldn’t be more excited to embark on this new journey, my decision to leave my previous career was not easy. In fact, it was quite scary since I had been invested in it for over two years and wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted for myself in this next role. But the reward of finding a new opportunity that is better aligned with my interests and skills is well worth all of the confusion and discomfort I experienced earlier this year. I’m proud of every step I have taken thus far to get to where I am today. Questioning your choices is not always easy, but if I’ve learned anything over this time, it is that establishing the things that are important to you will only guide you in the right direction. Never settle."

Excellent words of advice, Grace. Thanks for sharing your story and props to you on your journey forward!

Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus receives an awardCongratulations to Communication professor Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus, who received an award for Fostering Learning in the classroom at the faculty/staff meeting that opened the fall semester 2021. The award read: "Leeanne's online and in-person classes are organized, complete and academically engaging -- and she is willing to share all she knows with anyone. Students consistently remark on how much they learn from her, and she is always looking for more ways to keep her classes engaged, both through research and in practice."  Congratulations, Dr. Bell!
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