May2019grads in BizComm

The department of Business Communication has begun to hear from our 2019 grads about their new careers. word is just starting to come in, and here's what we know so far:

  • Lauren Aversa -- CC&A Strategic Media -- digital marketing assistant
  • Tyler Didra -- Ulman Foundation -- 4K for Cancer summer run across the USA
  • Paul Farrell -- Enterprise Holdings -- management training
  • Wornden Ly -- Brook Lane Health Services, and starting work on an MBA
  • Quinn Luethy -- Alderson Loop -- recruiting in IT and marketing consulting
  • Lauren Novsak -- Business Volunteers of Maryland -- Nonprofit service coordinator
  • Claudia Tonti -- The Modell Lyric -- Marketing and public relations coordinator

If you know of any alumni who have started a new career, please let us know! (