The department of  Business Communication is proud to welcome Michael MacFee as one of our newer adjunct professors. MacFee completed Stevenson's master’s program in Communication Studies in May 2017 with the inaugural cohort, and as he worked through the master’s program, he served as a graduate assistant in the Academic Link, operating the Testing Center and helping with some tutoring services. He believes that experience was very beneficial because it enhanced his understanding of and appreciation for all that the Office of Student Success does to help ensure Stevenson students are able to make the most out of their college education. He is currently teaching in the department, and thus far, he has instructed in Introduction to Public Speaking and Business & Professional Communication.

He writes: "It has been a wonderful experience transitioning from the role of student to teacher. It’s been challenging and a lot of fun, and I certainly have a whole new appreciation for all the work my professors put in to help me succeed!"

MacFee added that his Master's thesis was accepted into the graduate poster sessions during the upcoming 2018 ECA convention.

In addition to teaching at Stevenson, he also works as a communications associate at Maryland Public Television. His regular tasks include managing the president’s monthly newsletter and daily messages, drafting and distributing news releases, monitoring media responsiveness, event planning, and writing various organizational reports. Special projects are always popping up, he adds, and they are quite diverse.

Welcome to our world, Michael!