Business Communication graduate Kait Kirkwood tells us that she recently accepted a full-time position at Discovery Inc. as the Global Talent Management and Operations Coordinator. She will be moving to the company's new operations headquarters in Knoxville, TN., to support the team that manages all of Discovery's on-air talent.

Kait writes to the department, "Being a BizCom major really prepared me to take on a role such as this one, where I will be completing a large variety of tasks. My position includes corporate gifting, talent & producer operations, financial work, social media analytics, and project coordination. Thank you all for your help and support --it has meant the world to me... I would not be able to say I have my dream job at 23 if it weren't for you!"

Kait will mentor network on-camera Talent, troubleshoot Talent issues, and focus on the business of Talent branding. She will also facilitate communications, operations, and logistics across many projects for global on-camera Talent. It's a big job but we know that Kait is up to it! (Photo from Kait Kirkwood's internship at Discovery, Inc.)