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Communication News

Date: Nov 17, 2015

Junior Kaitlin Kirkwood is completing her internship in the department of Business Communication under the supervision of Stephanie Verni, associate professor. Kaitlin has worked with Ms. Verni on several research and design projects, but has spent much of her time serving as a teaching assistant for the Internship Prep class that Ms. Verni instructs. In addition, Kaitlin has also worked with all of the faculty who teach the departmental First-Year Seminar and accompanied the group on the annual excursion, this year to Harper's Ferry.

The students in adjunct professor Brittany Miller's Event Planning class welcomed guests from Sharper Minds Consultants to class on Nov. 16 in order to present their event pitch, which had been a semester-long project of the entire class....Click here to read more.

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