Congratulations to the BizComm students in assistant professor Chris Noya's Advanced Public Speaking class this semester as they successfully navigated the Shark Tank as part of their culminating activity. Serving as  the Sharks were Robert Ellis, adjunct professor of Business Communication; Sharon Markley, vice president for public affairs and strategy; Jennifer Marin, industry specialist for the School of Design; Tim Campbell, executive vice president for financial affairs and CFO; and Alissa Harrington, instructional designer. Thanks to the Sharks for their tremendous time commitment and their terrific advice.

The four student teams presented products including VacTunes, a vacuum that could play music; Autodoc, an app for diagnosing automobile problems; QuickStang Kiosk, designed to serve up food on the go; and the No-Go Sensor, a product embedded in a car key that would prohibit the driver from starting the car under the influence of alcohol.