Congratulations to Dr. Nadene Vevea, dean of communication programs and co-faculty (with Professor Forest Bell) of "The Mill," an interdisciplinary class that worked all semester "Stitching Maryland Together." The initiative, funded in part by PNC Bank, worked hand in hand with the Jewish Museum of Maryland and the Maryland Historical Society to shed light on Baltimore's fashion industry, past and present. "This movement exists to give fashion the platform it needs to inspire ongoing involvement," according to the movement's website. Students and faculty of the SU department of fashion design and merchandising worked with members of the Stitching Maryland Together movement and members of The Mill as they planned and hosted a gala fashion event titled “Expedition I” on May 4, 2019, at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore, Maryland.

Below, Dr. Vevea joins Business Communication faculty members Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus, Stephanie Verni and Chip Rouse as the gala begins. Fashion design students exhibited their collections on the runway at Rams Head Live!, while all of the student helpers took a bow at the end. Senior BizComm Claudia Tonti also took a moment off from her managerial duties to snap a photo with her faculty members. (Photos from Facebook)

Photos from Stitching Maryland Together Gala