Our Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, alum Mackenzie Wieder, spent a bit of time in her last post considering what she misses most.
"The trail has definitely taught me to appreciate the little things. I can’t wait for outfit options... I can’t wait to put on sweat pants and a big cotton T-shirt and just be warm and cozy. I can’t wait to look in my closet and see all my shoes! Everything needs to be functional out here and I want clothes that are fashionable.
I can’t wait until I no longer have to ration my toilet paper. I don’t want to count out three squares per poop so I don’t run out before the next time I can resupply... I can’t wait for trash cans. At my house we have one in pretty much every room. Which means I only need to carry my trash a couple feet instead of tens of miles into the next town.
I can’t wait to grocery shop and buy food in bulk. I love grocery shopping; it is one of my joys in life, and I hate that I can only look at single serving, lightweight, calorie dense, nonperishable foods on trail. I want to eat eggs for breakfast or cereal and milk with fruit; I want to eat salad every day for lunch... and I want foods that require more than just adding water for dinner. I can’t wait until I am able to satisfy whatever craving I have within hours of me getting that craving.
From the looks of the signage in the photo, Mackenzie has less than 300 miles to go on her journey northward. We'll be saying 'welcome home' soon enough! (Photo from Mackenzie Wieder)