Business Communication alumni and former adjunct professor Cari Cramer Pierce writes on Facebook about her new space. Congratulations, Cari!

Three and a half years ago, I opened a training studio. It was a great space. It was an important step. It was a commitment to my community that needed better training options and better trainers. It was the start of a journey.

Over the years, I’ve worked tirelessly to invest in my education. To ask questions. To seek answers. To follow the science, the evidence. To be a better trainer every day. I can honestly say, without ego, I’m crushing the game on this front.

Yesterday, this journey passed a tremendous benchmark in the opening of our new studio location at 19 Liberty Street in Westminster. It’s more the studio I imagined 3 1/2 years ago and yet so much more yet! It’s good stuff. And good stuff will happen here. I’m honored and humbled to be entrusted by my clients to help them grow and change.

The journey to total health and wellness can be challenging. It’s a puzzle of many pieces, exercise and nutrition being only two of those components. If your trainer or gym aren’t talking to you about ALL of the pillars of total health, maybe it’s time to FLIP YOURS.

Keep doing what you’re doing; keep getting what you’re getting. Or…

Change your thinking. Change your actions. Change your life.