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It's time to catch up with our Business Communication and Communication Studies alums and their careers.Ian Abee works now as Extern, Corporate Real Estate with Under ArmourEmma Adams is now in a new position as a Wholesale S.

A 2016 LinkedIn survey of employers again ranked communication skills as the most sought-after strength in employees. Both the Communication Studies major and the Business Communication major at Stevenson University develop m.

Business Communication alum Grace Clark embarked on a journey that began a few months ago as she left her secure PR job in Baltimore and moved to Philadelphia. She has since found a job as an event planner with Beautiful Bloo.

Congratulations to Communication professor Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus, who received an award for Fostering Learning in the classroom at the faculty/staff meeting that opened the fall semester 2021.

Below, we have excerpted some terrific advice from college professor Matt Might. The full article is here.