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Biology and Environmental Science News

Guest speakers Robert Mead and Steve Castrogiovanni from MEAD Tree and Turf Care Inc. spoke to Dr. Norris’ Forestry class (ENV 260) about how to safely climb trees. MEAD Tree and Turf Care Inc. provides basic tree services for residential customers. This presentation allowed students to learn the basics of tree climbing safety, which is important knowledge for anyone interested in Forestry.

A group of students and faculty traveled to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to see the Body World: Animals Inside Out exhibit. All students were invited to join the trip. The exhibit allowed students to explore the zoology, biology, and physiology of wild, domestic, and exotic animals. It also allowed students to gain a greater understanding of diversity in the animal kingdom.

Congratulations to Siobhan Wroten (BIO ’09) who was recently promoted to Team Leader of Anatomic Pathology at Sinai Hospital. In her new role, Siobhan works with many of the researchers at the hospital on various research projects. She is excited about her new position and the unique opportunities that have opened up for her. As a result, Siobhan is also paying it forward by helping to open additional research opportunities for Stevenson students at Sinai Hospital. Congratulations and Thank You!

Dr. Samuel Obae took his BIO 210 students outside this week for a lab activity where they collected various leaves for identification. The purpose of the lab was to familiarize students with the external and internal features of a monocot and dicot leaf, so that they will be able to identify the different types of leaves and their phyllotaxy (arrangement) on the stem.  This exercise is particularly significant for aspiring botanists, as it provides them with the necessary skills for proper identification of plant specimens.

Senior BS in Biotechnology/MS in Forensic Science student Nichole Young participated in rotations at the Baltimore County Police Department as part of her capstone experience last fall. As part of the experience, she rotated through three forensic units at BCPD: Firearms and Tool marks, Latent Prints, and Controlled Dangerous Substances. When asked about her favorite part of the rotations Nichole replied, “I really enjoyed going through the latent print lab and learning just how challenging it can be to be a latent print examiner.” This spring, she plans to evaluate several common and uncommon presumptive blood tests for her final capstone paper.

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