Dr. Kimberly Pause Tucker and three students, Mary Grace Moulsdale, Kate Krasnodemski, and Ava Schein, traveled to Florida to assist with manatee captures for a health assessment project lead by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in Crystal River, Florida. The USGS has worked toward creating a substantial archive of samples with the successful capture, examination, and release of over 300 manatees in the past decade.  This unique opportunity allowed for valuable hands-on experience with large animals. Students were able to participate in the manatee capture and health assessment, snorkel with the manatees, kayak, as well as observe a Manatee necropsy at a Marine Mammal Pathobiology Lab. Health assessments are important, as they aid in determination of the environmental and medical fitness for a population of wildlife. The health of manatees in particular can alert researchers to any emerging threats to the ocean environment and by extension human health.