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Applied Mathematics News

Applied Math major Zachary Delong is completing his internship at the United States Census Bureau. "I am working with the Quarterly Services Survey, where I analyze data that companies send in regarding their income. I am responsible for a variety of different industries."  Zach is really excited about this internship because, "I hope to work with numbers and analyze sports statistics so this is a good start for my career!" 



Math faculty and staff, Dr. Mark Branson, Ms. Thairen Greene, Ms. Eileen McGraw, and Dr. Ben Wilson attended MAA MathFest 2018 in Denver.  Dr. Wilson and Ms. McGraw attended a special workshop on Data Science and the Mathematics Department (top picture), Dr. Wilson gave a talk on research he has been doing with some Stevenson Applied Mathematics majors titled "Would Wheel of Fortune be Easier in Dothraki or Klingon?" (second picture) and Ms. McGraw (3rd picture) and Ms. Greene (last picture) gave a talk on the recent additions of several co-remediation classes in our department titled "The Journey to Co-remediation".

We are excited that four faculty and staff from the Math and Physics Department were able to attend MathFest this August.  At MathFest, a conference of the Mathematical Association of America, mathematicians present the latest in mathematical research and education each summer.  Stevenson faculty and staff presented both their research and department projects.  They also attended presentations and met with colleagues from other institutions.  MAA meetings always bring great ideas and enthusiasm to SU!

Applied math senior, James Wiercinski, is completing his Capstone Internship at the United States Census Bureau in the Economic Indicators Division on Foreign Trade. Analysts in this division review United States import and export data. James is currently working on the new commodity number (484 report) and editing the short and long descriptions of commodities. James' career goal is to be a statistician/data analyst, so he's excited to have an internship with skills that match his career plans!

On Friday, the students of the Summer Science Scholar Research Program (S3RP) at Stevenson University attended a tour at the Montebello Water Filtration Plant in Baltimore, MD (picture above). It was very interesting to learn about the chemical treatment processes that our water undergoes before we are able to use it. We first stopped at an old wooden pipe and learned about the beginnings and history of the Baltimore water system. After this we were able to see flocculation and sedimentation of the water which removes the impurities. This was very interesting; you could see how much clearer the water got in this process. From here we were able to see some of the filtration process where the water passes through sand. We really enjoyed being able to walk through and see the purification process up close!

After the tour, students returned to SU for a picnic and some games.  Shown below are Applied Math Majors, Billy Heidel (left, back) and Evan Williams (right) playing croquet with Asia Robison, a biology participant in S3RP.

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