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Applied Mathematics News

Each fall, the School of the Sciences at SU sponsors an Expanding Your Horizons Event.  This event allows middle school girls to participate in math, engineering and science workshops to encourage them to consider a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career.  Junior Alicia Greene helped out at the event.  The students in her group signed up for Technology and People. The girls were asked to build the tallest structure that they could using 12 pieces of spaghetti and a yard of tape. A marshmallow then had to be supported by the structure after it was built. The girls used problem solving to build strong structures. They were very creative in designing their creations!

Why did Alicia help out?  "I choose to volunteer as a helper for Expanding Your Horizons because I thought it would be a great opportunity to not only support Stevenson’s STEM departments, but to also try to get middle school girls interested in math and science. When I was their age I did not know about any events like this or have anyone speak to me about careers in math and science. This is a great opportunity for them so I wanted to be able to help make their experience enjoyable.  I truly enjoyed the day and will definitely sign up to help next year."

All math majors were invited to Department Chair Dr. Ellen Roskes' office to say hi, enjoy some snacks and share what they did in the summer.  Sophomore Dalis Carter spent her summer working and hanging out with her family.  She's excited about the new semester.  What does it feel like to be back?  "It's great; it feels like I never left."  

Congratulation to Dr. Neal Miller on his publication, "Bent-Tailed Radio Sources in the Australia Telescope Large Area Survey of the Chandra Deep Field South" in The Astronomical Journal. SU students enjoy learning about Dr. Miller's work in radioastronomy and several of them have already particpated in research with him.

The Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences is very excited to start the 2014-2015 year!  The start of a new academic year always brings wonderful energy and excitement to campus.  It also gives us a fresh start with new programs, ideas and plans.

More details will follow on this blog- stay tuned!

WELCOME to our new students and WELCOME BACK to our returning students.  We hope you’re as excited about the upcoming semester as we are!

Math Senior, Josh Allison, had a great summer at his Capstone Internship working at Maxim Healthcare Services.  Josh was involved in many aspects of the business, invoicing clients, making collection calls, and working on the company's unapplied list by researching the source of payments. "I work with a lot of systems that all tie together at the end of the day."

Josh really enjoyed the friendly environment at Maxim and how employees were available to help with questions. He also noted that he has learned how to work better in teams as well as individual. All in all, this was a great experience for Josh and will help him find a job when he graduates!

Josh is shown here behind his mountain of paperwork and with his trainer at Maxim, Shannon. 

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