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Applied Mathematics News

Applied Math senior, Jeremy Kline, completed his Capstone internship at Hillis Carnes Engineering, a Geotechnical Engineering consulting firm in Frederick, Maryland. At Hillis Carnes, Jeremy was an Engineering Technician with the primary duty of testing compaction of soils, clay, stone, and asphalt. Jeremy's capstone paper discussed increasing the safety and efficiency of mines through the use of different types of rock bolting techniques. While there are several methods of rock bolting, Jeremy recommended that all mining companies should implement a specific method called roof screening. While more expensive and time consuming to to install than other methods, roof screening is the safest method of rock bolting.

Applied Math senior, Nick VanRensselaer, works part time at SU for the IT Department.  He's one of the students who responds to tech calls and fixes faculty and staff computers.  When we call and Nick comes around, we know the problem will be fixed well!

Applied Math senior, Reid Foxwell completed his Capstone internship at One Main Financial in the Incentives Department. Reid worked hard and learned a lot from this experience. His capstone project looked at different types of incentive programs that companies use. More specifically, he examined whether individual or manager incentives were better at improving work performance. He was able to use data about the incentive programs at OneMain as part of his analysis. Reid concluded that companies should focus more on manager incentives and less on individual worker bonuses. In this photo, Reid is explaining his project to visitors at the School of the Sciences Poster Session in December.

Decorations around the School of the Sciences make for a festive atmosphere on campus! Read our Annual Department Holiday Letter.

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