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Applied Mathematics News

Dr. Neal Miller (left) and applied math sophomore Gerald Roman (center) represented the department in welcoming students accepted to SU's class of 2020 to Accepted Students' Day.   Looking forward to greeting our applied math freshmen this fall!

Square Root Day occurs when both the month and the day of the month are the square root of the last two digits of the year.  For today, the square root of the year 16 (2016) is 4 (4th month of the year and the 4th day in April)!  There are 9 Square Root Days in each century:

1/1/01, 2/2/04, 3/3/09, 4/4/16, 5/5/25, 6/6/36, 7/7/49, 8/8/64, and 9/9/81.

One suggested way of celebrating the holiday is by eating root vegetables cut in squares!

We're excited to share our new jackets!  Designed by Applied Math sophomore, Gerald Roman (top picture), the jackets are perfect for the spring and very popular with students and faculty!

Best wishes for a great day!  Hope our students are having a great Spring Break!

Since Pi Day (3.14, March 14th) fell out during Spring Break, students and faculty in the Math Department celebrated Approximate Pi Day (3.10, March 10th).  Discussions, stories and jokes, accompanied by pizza pies and homemade pi(e) desserts made for a fun time!

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