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Applied Mathematics News


Starting in the summer of 2016, all first and second semester Calculus classes at Stevenson adopted a new textbook and teaching method moving away from the traditional lecture style in favor of an active and engaged classroom experience. The textbook, Active Calculus, by Matthew Boelkins, David Austin, and Steven Schlicker out of Grand Valley State University, is free for download by students and instructors and is written to require students to be active learners. Students in Dr. Wilson's classes this semester sit at round tables in groups of 3 or 4 in the SoLVE Center and work on problems together. They then present their solutions to the class.

Happy Halloween from the Math and Physics Department!  It was a fun day on campus!

The School of the Sciences was excited to have its first Alumni Reunion. It was exciting to catch up with alumni and faculty!  A good time was had by all!

The Stevenson University Department of Mathematics and Physics will host the “Mathstravaganza” as part of this year’s Maryland STEM Festival. The event will include several interactive math exhibits and games which will be accessible to all ages and mathematical backgrounds. Some of the interactive exhibits include a giant Tower of Hanoi mathematical puzzle, the Chaos Game fractal generator, a station to create minimal surfaces with soap bubbles, a Prisoner’s Dilemma simulation, and the Monty Hall Problem probability game.​ For more information contact Dr. Benjamin Wilson at

Last week, all Stevenson freshman and transfer students participated in the annual LEGO building challenge. This event allowed students to create innovative LEGO structures that symbolized the three parts of Career Architecture: personal direction, discipline expertise, and professional know-how. Congratulations to Dr. Ben Wilson's Math SCI 100 section on a job well done!

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