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Applied Mathematics News

Applied Mathematics majors Gerald Roman-Gonzalez and Rebecca Gruver and math faculty Eileen McGraw and Benjamin Wilson attended the Undergraduate Math research Conference at Towson University....Click here to read more.

Math sophomore, Rebecca Gruver, was selected for a summer internship through the National Security Scholars Program (NSSP)....Click here to read more.

Applied Math sophomore, Jess Rega (back row, third from left) is a member of SU's Women’s Track and Field Team.  At the end of February, the team competed in the MAC Championships. Jess competed in the weight (hammer throw) and threw shot put, which is her main event. Jess went into competition ranked third so her goal, which she reached, was to be able to finish third as well. In Jess' own words, "It was a very exciting weekend for the Women’s Track and Field Team. It is a great feeling to medal and stand on the podium in two events, but it is even a better feeling knowing that your teammates are standing up there right next to you with medals also in their hands. As a team we finished 4th which the best in program history. It was definitely a weekend to proud of." 

We couldn't help but share this Science Addict's shirt in honor of  Pi Day!  Just to check that you got it right, it says, "I'm too full for dinner because I ate some pie!"  Certainly understandable on Pi Day!

Since Pi Day (3/14 or 3.14) occurred during our spring break, the Math Department and KME celebrated "Approximation of Pi Day" on Thursday, March 9 (3/09 or 3.09). We enjoyed a lunchtime Pi celebration with pizza pies and dessert pies. 

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