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Applied Mathematics News

Congrats to our soon-to-be graduates as they finish up their last classes today!  SU 2018!

Congratulations to Applied Math junior, James Wiercinski, on being named the 2018 MAC Commonwealth Pitcher of the Year! James a left-hander, made 12 appearances including 10 starts.  He posted a team-best 3.31 ERA to go with his 5-4 record.  

Applied Mathematics majors, Gerald Roman-Gonzalez (left) and Billy Heidel, gave a STEMinar on the Mathematical Analysis of Languages from the research that they performed this semester with Dr. Ben Wilson.  Using concepts from information theory such as entropy, they analyzed the complexity of several languages. First defined and studied by Claude Shannon in 1948, the entropy of a written language measures how much information is produced on average for each letter of text in the language.  Gerald and Billy did an excellent job, delighting a large audience of over 20 people. 


Students, faculty, and staff had a blast at the 3rd Annual Fine School of the Sciences Spring Spectacular. They enjoyed math and science based interactive activities and games, ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, a vacuum cannon, the explosion of a trash can filled with ping pong balls using only liquid nitrogen, a pool filled with a non-Newtonian fluid, and much more!  Special thanks to math faculty member, Dr. Ben Wilson, who organized this event, and all the students and faculty who participated in running the events!

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