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Applied Mathematics News

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Rising Applied Mathematics juniors, Billy Heidel and Evan Williams, are participating in the Summer Science Scholars Research Program (S3RP) this summer working with math professor, Dr. Benjamin Wilson. The work is a continuation of Dr. Wilson's research in computational linguistics. The researchers are looking at the entropy and related values of information sources that print different languages. Entropy is a measure of the complexity of a system. In linguistics, it is a measure of the predictability of a language or, equivalently, the amount of information produced on average per symbol in a printout of a message in a given language. The study involves investigating natural languages like English and Spanish, constructed languages like Klingon and Dothraki, and languages based on a corpora of texts by authors like Shakespeare, Twitter accounts, and United States presidents' speeches.  Billy and Evan will work all summer and present their research at SU at the end of July as well as at the Fine School of the Sciences Fall Poster Sessions.

This semester, Applied Math majors Gerald Roman-Gonzalez and Billy Heidel are working on an independent research project with math professor, Dr. Ben Wilson. The research, which Dr. Wilson and Gerald began as a summer research project during the S3RP program at Stevenson, involves analyzing the complexity of constructed languages using tools from information theory.  Gerald and Billy work on the project together each week.  Then, at the end of the semester, they will present their work at the School of the Sciences Poster Session.


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