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We're excited to share the results of our Hurricane Maria Relief Bake Sale.  We were able to raise $1000 which was donated to the Virgin Island Relief Fund (Ms. Thairen Dade's family is from St. Croix) and United for Puerto Rico (Gerald Roman-Gonzalez’s family is from Puerto Rico).  Both charities give proceeds directly to those affected by the hurricane.  In addition to financially helping those devastated by the hurricane, we are proud that our Bake Sale helped raise awareness of need to help others and to work towards the overall good of the world community.


Two members of our math community, Ms. Thairen Dade, our Math Learning Specialist, and Gerald Roman-Gonzalez, an applied math senior, have family members whose lives and homes were devastated by Hurricane Maria.  KME, the Math Honor Society, and the Math/Physics Department are holding a Hurricane Maria Relief Bake Sale.  Thanks to everyone is who contributing to this today- donating baked goods, time, money and good cheer!   Hope you can come out and support our efforts!  We're at the south entrance to the Manning Academic Center.

The U.S. Postal Service is anticipating the upcoming total eclipse of the sun with a stamp celebrating the majesty of solar eclipses. This new stamp will be the first U.S. stamp to use thermochromic ink, which reacts to the heat of your touch. When you place your finger over the black disc on the stamp (left), the ink will change from black to clear and reveal an image of the moon (right). The image reverts back to the black disc when it cools. The stamp is a photograph of a total solar eclipse that was seen over Libya in 2006 by astrophysicist Fred Espenak.


The department was excited to participate in the Maryland STEM Festival by hosting Mathstravaganza 2016!  There were many math activities and games set up as booths and all run by our math and math education students along with some faculty.  We had a lot of local children attend and learn how math and logic are fun and an integral part of their livesSpecial thanks to Dr. Ben Wilson for organizing this event!  We're looking forward to doing this again next year!

The Stevenson University Department of Mathematics and Physics will host the “Mathstravaganza” as part of this year’s Maryland STEM Festival. The event will include several interactive math exhibits and games which will be accessible to all ages and mathematical backgrounds. Some of the interactive exhibits include a giant Tower of Hanoi mathematical puzzle, the Chaos Game fractal generator, a station to create minimal surfaces with soap bubbles, a Prisoner’s Dilemma simulation, and the Monty Hall Problem probability game.​ For more information contact Dr. Benjamin Wilson at

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