Each fall, the School of the Sciences at SU sponsors an Expanding Your Horizons Event.  This event allows middle school girls to participate in math, engineering and science workshops to encourage them to consider a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career.  Junior Alicia Greene helped out at the event.  The students in her group signed up for Technology and People. The girls were asked to build the tallest structure that they could using 12 pieces of spaghetti and a yard of tape. A marshmallow then had to be supported by the structure after it was built. The girls used problem solving to build strong structures. They were very creative in designing their creations!

Why did Alicia help out?  "I choose to volunteer as a helper for Expanding Your Horizons because I thought it would be a great opportunity to not only support Stevenson’s STEM departments, but to also try to get middle school girls interested in math and science. When I was their age I did not know about any events like this or have anyone speak to me about careers in math and science. This is a great opportunity for them so I wanted to be able to help make their experience enjoyable.  I truly enjoyed the day and will definitely sign up to help next year."