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  • National Scholarships

    National Study Abroad Scholarships


    Fundraising Ideas

    Financial Aid Funding

    Awards available to a variety of students and programs. Be sure to check eligibility requirements and application deadlines well in advance.

    BMore Abroad Scholarship
    Assists undergraduate students at Baltimore area higher education institutions to have an international credit-bearing experience. Awards are approximately $1,000.

    Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
    Scholarships of up to $5,000 awarded to students with high financial need, students in underrepresented majors such as science and engineering, ethnically diverse students, and students with disabilities. The average award for the spring and fall is about $4,000, while the award for the summer averages $3,000.

    Boren Scholarships
    For students who want to pursue a career in federal national security. In addition to funding, students must commit to working for the federal government for at least one year after graduation. A maximum award of $8,000 for summer programs, $10,000 for semester programs, and $20,000 for a full academic year may be awarded to students who are planning to study in non-traditional countries (outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). Requires application coordination with Boren Campus Representative.

    BUTEX Scholarship
    A scholarship granted to students planning to study in the United Kingdom for at least one semester. Awards are £500.

    Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation Scholarship
    A $1,000 nonrenewable award granted to an undergraduate who is or was a Girl Scout. Recipients must maintain a “B” average.

    Critical Language Scholarship Program
    Eight to ten week language and cultural immersion program to build international relationships between American students and those of critical language communities. Students apply by choice of language and not choice of country. The award funds cover costs of intensive group-based language courses, room and board (typically with a host family), full cultural program, airfare, and stipend.

    DAAD Award (German Academic Exchange Service)
    A scholarship awarded to students of all fields who study abroad in Germany. An award of €650 is given to about 120,000 individuals each year. Scholarships are not available for first year students.

    Diversity Abroad and Overseas Ambassador Scholarship
    Diversity Abroad, in cooperation with the AIFS Foundation, will offer $500 scholarships for the fall and spring semester. Economically disadvantaged students, first-generation, students with disabilities, and ethnic and racially diverse students are strongly encouraged to apply.

    Diversity Abroad and University of Auckland Scholarship
    Students can be awarded one of two $12,750 NZD scholarships towards a study abroad program with the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Students who apply but are not selected will be eligible to receive one of ten $1,000 NZD scholarships as well. Minority students are encouraged to apply.

    DiversityAbroad #PictureMeAbroad Contest
    Available to students from non-traditional backgrounds, applicants submit short videos highlighting their background and why they would like to study abroad. Grand prize winner receives $500 towards study abroad as well as international airfare.

    FlipKey Study Abroad Scholarship
    A $1,000 scholarship to be used to cover any of the expenses associated with studying and traveling abroad. 

    Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA)
    Created to assist U.S. students with demonstrated financial need and limited prior experience in East and Southeast Asia, Freeman-ASIA funds awards ranging from $3,000 per student for summer study and $5,000 per semester, to a maximum of $7,000 for a full year abroad.

    Fulbright U.S. Student Program
    Offers research, study and teaching opportunities abroad to recent graduates and graduate students. The program currently awards approximately 1,900 grants annually in all fields of study, and operates in more than 140 countries worldwide. Requires application coordination with Campus Fulbright Program Adviser.

    Fund for Education Abroad
    Grants of up to $10,000. Applicants studying underrepresented fields and who plan to study in non-traditional countries are given priority.

    The George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program
    Up to 12 scholarships including tuition, accommodation, a stipend for living expenses, and travel are given for one year of postgraduate study in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Recipients must be between the ages of 18 and 30. #StudyAbroadGoals Contest
    Lonely Planet, STA Travel, and offer a grand prize of a $2,000 flight voucher and a $3,000 scholarship, along with their Study Abroad Starter Kit, to one student to help alleviate the financial barriers to studying abroad. Study Abroad in Ireland Scholarship
    Award to cover tuition and a stipend for study at Stevenson University in Ireland, Dublin City University and select programs in Galway, Limerick, and Cork.

    HI-USA Explore the World Travel Scholarship
    Hostelling International (HI)–USA thinks travel should be as much about making a difference in the world as it is about seeing it. Recipients of the Explore the World Travel Scholarship will receive $2,000 to help finance their international trip as long as it includes an education or service component.​ Candidates must be 18-30 years old, be a U.S. resident, and have a strong desire and motivation to experience other people and cultures through international travel.

    IIE Generation Study Abroad Travel Grants
    Available for U.S. students from a broad range of backgrounds to make it possible for them to participate in academic, internship or service-learning experiences abroad. Consideration is given to the following factors: financial need; status as first-generation college students; status as members of underrepresented racial/ethnic/gender groups; disabilities; and the lack of experience with travel abroad. 100 grants of $2,000 per student.

    ItaliaRail Study Abroad Scholarship
    Two $1,000 need-based scholarships are awarded each semester to students studying abroad in Italy. Each recipient will also receive a 3-day Italy rail pass.

    National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)
    A $2,000-$12,000 scholarship given to students for up to one academic year, based on academic merit.

    Room to Travel Study Abroad Scholarship
    A $1,000 scholarship to be used for study abroad costs.

    Rotary Scholarship
    A graduate scholarship of at least $30,000 for a study period of 1 to 4 years within the areas of focus defined by Rotary. Also includes a district grant which is flexible with level of study, location, length, area, and cost. Students should discuss and set guidelines with their local Rotary club before beginning their application process as clubs can create their own scholarships based on funding.

    Six grand prize winners will be awarded a $2,500 scholarship to put towards a study abroad or volunteer program. Runners-up receive a $50 Amazon gift card. Intern & Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Essay Contest 
    $500 scholarships to help students take part in volunteer, teach, or intern abroad experiences abroad. Application requires a brief form and an essay of 250 words or less about a unique factor of your volunteer abroad program, or about a factor you are seeking in such a program. Submissions close on December 31st and awards are made on March 31st.

    Study in New Zealand Scholarship
    Education New Zealand and Go Overseas offer a full-tuition scholarship and accommodation (up to $15,000) for a U.S. student to study in New Zealand for a semester. STA Travel covers a round trip flight. Can be used toward semester or summer study.

    The Toshizo Watanabe Study Abroad Scholarship Program
    The Toshizo Watanabe Endowed Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to undergraduates/graduate students for a semester or year-long study abroad program in either the United States or Japan. 
    The scholarship will support up to the full cost of attendance to the study abroad program of the applicant’s choice. The scholarship program grants awards to recipients in amounts determined by financial need and other qualifications, however the maximum amount of an award is $25,000 for one year.

    UNESCO Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship
    Fellowship for U.S. college students who have an interest in international collaboration but have not had opportunity to travel abroad. Applicants propose a project in a foreign country related to the mandate of UNESCO – using education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, and/or communication and information to build strong ties among nations. The average award is $2,500 for a 4-6 week program.

    U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation Scholarships
    About 100 scholarships are granted each year for students who plan to study for one semester ($2,500) to one academic year ($4,000) in Japan. Summer programs are not eligible.

    The Villa Escape Scholarship
    A $500 award open to all students who are 18+ years of age, enrolled in any college or university, and are passionate about traveling. Submissions are a personalized travel story essay with images and/or video. Applications will be judged on creativity, originality, and innovation. 

    Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program
    50 Fellow and Scholar Grants and 25 Summer Grants are awarded to students who hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in the field of biomedical, bio-engineering, or a closely related field. The grants cover travel, living, tuition (in some cases), and other enrichment expenses.

    WSA's Cultural Bridge Scholarship
    WSA (Weekend Student Adventures) Europe's $500 scholarship is designed to help defray the general cost of studying abroad to any location in Europe for at least four weeks. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Deadlines are typically one month before the start of the term abroad (Fall/Spring/Summer).

  • Program-Specific Scholarships

    Program-Specific Study Abroad Scholarships

    Awards available to students for specific study abroad programs. Be sure to check eligibility requirements and application deadlines well in advance.


    AIFS Generation Study Abroad Scholarships
    $1,000 for a semester, $500 for summer and January term will be given to students participating on AIFS programs who meet stated requirements.

    Diversity Abroad AIFS Achievement Scholarship
    AIFS offers up to two semester scholarships of $5,000 to outstanding students from underrepresented groups. Applicants must demonstrate high academic achievement and/or participate in community service activities.

    Generation Study Abroad Scholarships at Limerick (AIFS)
    A €500 scholarship given to a STEM major with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

    John S. Linakis Scholarship (AIFS)
    A full scholarship awarded to an AIFS student with limited financial resources who demonstrates an interest in social justice. Available for spring semester programs only.

    Russel and Deborah Taylor Foundation Scholarship (AIFS)
    A scholarship that covers up to 50% of the AIFS program fee is awarded to students with at least a 3.5 GPA and limited financial means.


    ISA Diversity Scholarship
    Awarded to students with diverse backgrounds participating on an ISA program.

    Live Like Ally Memorial Scholarship (ISA)
    Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to students who show an interest in volunteering, hiking and the outdoors, and zest for life.

    The Michaela Farnum Memorial Scholarship (ISA)
    A merit and need-based scholarship of $8,000 awarded annually to a student planning on studying abroad on an ISA summer program.

    Pacific Region Scholarships (ISA)
    A scholarship given to students who are planning to study abroad in Australia, New Zealand, or Fiji with ISA.


    API DACA Scholarship
    Provides financial assistance to an API participant who is the recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The $575 award helps to offset the cost of applying for Advance Parole. Offered to eligible participants for semester, year, or summer study abroad.

    API Diversity Scholarship
    Supports participants from a variety of backgrounds. Award ranges from $250 to $750 and is available for academic year, semester, and summer study. Eligible students must be one or more of the following: U.S. military veteran, non-traditional student (30 years or older), have a disability, be a minority student, and/or LGBTQ student.

    API First Generation Scholarship
    An award of $250-$750 to students with at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA who is a first generation college student with financial need.

    API Regional Scholarship
    Asia/Middle East Regional Scholarship, Europe Regional Scholarship, Latin America Regional Scholarship. All three scholarships are need and merit-based. $250-$800 per session to students with at least a 3.0 GPA.

    API STEM Scholarship

    API Student Athlete Scholarship
    Open to student athletes across all divisions of the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA. Award ranges from $250 to $750 and is available for academic year, semester, and summer study.

    API-AUT University Scholarship
    Two $5,000 scholarships per semester are awarded to students who study at AUT University in New Zealand.

    API-University of Otago Scholarship
    Two $500 scholarships will be awarded to students who study at University of Otago in New Zealand.


    CIEE-Academic Excellence Scholarships
    For students who excel in academic pursuits and are devoted to specialized areas of study.

    CIEE Summer Merit Scholarships
    For high-achieving students who want to study abroad in the summer term.
    Awards: $750 per student

    Ping Scholarships for Academic Excellence
    For students with a GPA or 3.8 or higher who excel in academic pursuits devoted to socially important areas of study.
    Awards: $2,500 per student

    Wollitzer Merit Scholarships in Area or Comparative Studies
    For high-achieving students who want to study in one of 19 locations in Africa, Asia, or Latin America, or pursue comparative studies in such areas as religion or business.
    Awards: $2,500 per student

    CIEE Business, Finance, and Management Merit Scholarships
    For high-achieving students in business, management, finance, and accounting programs who enroll in programs that focus on business or economics.
    Awards: $2,500 per student

    CIEE Environmental Studies/Sciences and Sustainability Merit Scholarships
    For high-achieving students of environmental sciences and sustainability who want to pursue these topics with study abroad.
    Awards: $2,500 per student

    McDermott Health Sciences, Nursing, and Public Health Merit Scholarships
    For high-achieving students who want to study community public health or nursing with specific CIEE programs in Argentina, Botswana, Dominican Republic, and Thailand. 
    Awards: $2,500 per student

    Language Intensive-Focus Track (Lift) Merit Scholarships
    For students who want to pursue an intensive language program for one academic year in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Senegal, Spain, or Taiwan.
    Awards: $5,000 per student

    CIEE International Development and Service-Learning Merit Scholarships
    For strong students in international development programs who want to combine academic service learning and study abroad.
    Awards: $2,500 per student

    CIEE International Relations, Political Science, History, Peace and Conflict-Resolution Merit Scholarships
    For high-achieving students focused on these academic areas.
    Awards: $2,500 per student

    CIEE International Communications, Public Relations, and Psychology Merit Scholarships
    For high-achieving students seeking study abroad programs focused on these academic areas. 
    Awards: $2,500 per student

    CIEE International Academic Internship Merit Scholarships
    For high-achieving students who want to combine an academic internship and study abroad.
    Awards: $2,500 per student

    Stohl International Undergraduate Research Scholarships
    For first-generation college students who want to combine research and study abroad. Preference is given to students with diverse ethnic backgrounds. 
    Awards: $2,500 per student

    CIEE-Access Grants and Scholarships
    For students who have historically been unable to study abroad because of financial circumstances.

    Global Access Initiative (GAIN) Grants
    For students who demonstrate financial need, CIEE provides direct support for travel guaranteed for all Pell-eligible students, on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Awards: Up to $2,000 per student

    Gilman Go Global Grants
    Guaranteed to all qualified Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship applicants regardless of whether they are awarded a Gilman. Plus Go Global Grant recipients are guaranteed a GAIN Grant, too!
    Awards: $2,500 for semester programs and $1,000 for summer programs

    Bowman Travel Grants
    For students who want to pursue study abroad in Africa, Asia Pacific, the Caribbean, or Latin America, and who demonstrate financial need based on EFC.
    Awards: Up to $2,000 per student

    CIEE/MIUSA Access to the World Scholarship
    CIEE and Mobility International USA are partnering to give more U.S. college students with disabilities the chance to study abroad.

    CIEE-Ambassador Grants
    For motivated, high-achieving, students who are committed to capturing and sharing the many transformative benefits of international education after they return to campus.

    CIEE Global Ambassadors Merit Grants
    Awarded to motivated students who are eager to share the many transformative benefits of studying abroad when they return to campus. Awards are based on personal statements from student applicants that demonstrate motivation and financial need based on estimated family contribution (EFC). 
    Awards: Up to $1,500 per student


    The Honorable Pete Rawlings Washington Center Scholarship Fund
    Named for the late Honorable Howard “Pete” Rawlings, member of the Maryland House of Delegates and chair of the House Budget Committee, this scholarship is for students who are Maryland residents and attend a four-year public or private institution in Maryland. Recipients from Stevenson receive up to $2,000 for participation in the TWC program (subject to change). Students must apply by TWC's priority application deadline to be considered. Not cumulative with other TWC awards.

    Pillar Awards for Civic Engagement, Leadership & Professional Achievement
    Civic Engagement Award: Provides $1,000 in financial assistance for housing. Recipients are chosen competitively on the basis of their academic performance and record of involvement and leadership.
    William Burke Leadership Award: Ranging from $500-$4,000, recipients are chosen competitively on the basis of their academic performance and record of involvement and leadership.
    Professional Achievement Award: Ranging from $1,000-$2,500, recipients have demonstrated a commitment to career advancement as evidenced by membership in professional organizations and honors societies, completion of previous internships, or prior work experience. Students also may be selected based upon potential for professional success as reflected in their academic performance and extracurricular involvement.

    Association of College Honor Societies Scholarship (ACHS)
    Provides $1,000 housing scholarships to students in national honor societies that are member of the Association of College Honor Societies.

    Pi Sigma Alpha Washington Internship Scholarship
    Provides a $2,500 housing scholarship for at least one student chosen by Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honor society.

    TWC Diversity Leaders Award
    Provides $3,000 in financial assistance for housing. Applicants must be able to contribute to the diversity of our students and of Diversity Leaders awardees. Recipients are chosen competitively on the basis of their academic performance and record of involvement and leadership.

    Muslim American Scholars Initiative
    Muslim-American students are eligible to be considered for partial program/housing scholarships ($5,000) during the summer term through a partnership established between TWC, the Center for Global Understanding (CFGU) and the El Hibri Charitable Foundation. Students also participate in special supplemental programming (called the Public Affairs Series) throughout the summer. Some placement restrictions are involved and non-U.S. citizens may not be eligible.

    AT&T Scholarships
    Funded by the AT&T Foundation, these awards provide program and housing assistance in varying amounts to competitively selected students who self-identify as having a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    Coca-Cola Scholarships
    Funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, these awards provide program and housing assistance in varying amounts for undergraduate students who self-identify as having a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There are no geographic restrictions; students from all majors are eligible to apply.

    Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation Scholarships
    Funded by the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, these awards provide program and housing assistance in the amount of $2,000 to students who self-identify as having a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Priority is given to students from California, Ohio, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.

    The HSC Foundation Grant
    Provides Civic Engagement programming around disability issues, awareness and policy. The programming helps interns gain awareness of the social challenges facing communities and nations, and gives them the tools, skills and understanding to proactively address them.

    The Leadership Initiative for Students with Disabilities Scholarships
    Most awards range from $500-$4,000. Must be a U.S. citizen.

    Hearst Foundation Scholarship
    Provides grants from $500-$4,000 toward TWC program or housing fees to students who belong to underrepresented groups, including minority and first generation students, veterans of the U.S. military, and students with disabilities. U.S. citizenship is required.

    Mitsui USA Scholarship Fund
    Provides (5) $1,000 scholarships to college students in the United States who are interested in international affairs or other related fields of study.

    Motorola Solutions Foundation Public Safety and Law Enforcement Internship Scholarship Award
    Provides grants from $1,000 to $5,000 toward TWC program or housing fees. To receive this award, students must be in our Law & Criminal Justice track and have an internship related to public safety or law enforcement.

    Samuel Rose Scholarship
    Provides grants from $500 to $3,000 toward TWC program or housing fees to undergraduate students who are interested in careers in the arts or the environment. Preference for low-income, minority, and/or first generation college students who are either attending Dickinson College, attending a college in Florida or are from Baltimore, Maryland.

    Verizon Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Scholarship
    Provides grants from $1,000 to $5,000 toward TWC program or housing fees to students pursuing degrees in STEM fields. To receive this award, students must be in our Science, Technology & Society track, have an internship in a STEM-related field and be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident.

    "SU in" Programs

    Lorenzo de' Medici Ambassador Scholarship
    The Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM) Ambassador Scholarship is an award available to students attending the SU in Italy program in either Rome or Tuscania for a semester. Recipients of this merit-based scholarship will serve as an ambassador of their particular LdM campus through a selection of activities ranging from contributing to a campus blog, sharing their experiences in video, to representing the LdM campus at Stevenson University, among other options. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher. Scholarship applications are due by the stated program application deadlines and require an essay and an additional academic recommendation. Contact the for application information.

    CAPA Need-Based Scholarship
    For students participating in the SU in Ireland Internship Program, the CAPA need-based scholarship ranges from $500-5,000. Scholarship applications are evaluated based on financial need, as well as the student's reflection on identity, program goals, and personal investment. Students are encouraged to use thoughtful, concrete examples in the 200 words or less essays.

  • SU Scholarships

    SU Study Abroad/Away Scholarships

    SU Learning Beyond Fellowship
    SU Presidential Fellow recipients and finalists receive up to $3,000 in funding for a credit-bearing faculty-led travel course (domestic or abroad) during their junior or senior year. Eligible students will automatically receive the grant.

    Judith Waranch Scholarship for International Study
    This donor funded award is open to female undergraduate Stevenson students with demonstrated financial need who participate in a SU affiliated or “SU in” study abroad program, or a SU faculty-led international travel course. The scholarship provides a minimum of $1,000 for one student each year. For more information, including application details, please visit the Office of International & Off-Campus Study site.


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