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Why should I study abroad?

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to learn about another culture and language, as well as gain a new perspective on your area of study. You will develop insights and experiences that a classroom setting cannot provide. Study abroad also enables students to acquire global skills and enhance personal and professional opportunities. Read more about the benefits of studying abroad:

How do I choose where I want to study and what program is right for me?

Some of the primary considerations for choosing a particular program include courses offered, (including language study), type of program (studying with locals or other Americans, internship or service options), housing arrangements, and geographic location.

What are the housing arrangements abroad?

Housing varies with the program, but the typical scenarios include a residence hall, an apartment (with locals or other international students), or a homestay with a local family. Some programs offer multiple options.

Can I work or complete an internship while abroad?

Yes, some of SU’s affiliate programs offer the option of an internship or service experience. Working abroad varies by country and visa status.

Can I participate on a non-SU or non-affiliate study abroad program?

“SU in” programs and Affiliate options have been carefully selected and vetted to best meet Stevenson students’ academic needs as well as meet our health and safety requirements. There are a variety of course options and destinations available (found under "Search Options" in SUGlobal). Students wishing to participate in a non-approved study abroad/away experience can petition to participate for documented academic reasons. Contact the Office of International & Off-Campus Study for information.



Semester and year-long affiliate programs are charged your usual SU tuition and fees (and room/board, if included in the study abroad program). Emergency medical and evacuation insurance is also included. Institutional aid applies in one of three categories (100%, 50%, 0%). Aid is accessible through the fourth year of study. Federal aid can be used for most programs. Costs such as airfare, passport/visa fees, any lab or special course fees, and personal spending money are paid independently. SU faculty-led programs each have their own fee that varies by program location, length, and inclusions. As a student, you pay program fees directly to the provider for affiliate Winterim and summer term programs. All programs (all terms) carry a $50 administrative fee.



What are the requirements to participate in a study abroad program?

The minimum requirements vary, but typically there is a minimum cumulative GPA (2.5 for SU faculty-led programs). Some programs may have a language or other course prerequisites. Internship programs usually require junior or senior standing. As an applicant, you must be in good academic and conduct standing prior to studying abroad.

Do I need to know another language to study abroad?

For many programs you do not need to know another language. If there is a requirement, it will be clearly stated under the eligibility requirements for that program.

What are the required documents for study abroad?

You must complete an Off-Campus Study Interest Form (found on SU portal), and complete an application specific to your study abroad program. Documents that may be required for the application can include an academic transcript, an essay, a letter of reference, and a course selection form. After acceptance but before departure, additional forms will be required.

Are there orientations or information sessions I can attend to prepare for study abroad?

Yes, SU holds information sessions on various topics throughout the year, as well as a mandatory pre-departure orientation for all participating students. All students applying to a “SU in” or SU Affiliate program view a brief informational presentation when completing the online Interest Profile.



When should I start applying to study abroad?

While you should start to look into the process and options for study abroad from your first semester at SU, you would apply through the Office of International & Off-Campus Study the semester prior to your intended participation (deadlines vary by program).

When can I start studying abroad?

Minimum requirements to participate depend on the program, but typically there are options beginning from sophomore year. Some SU faculty-led programs may allow first year students to participate.

When do most students study abroad?

The “best” time to study abroad primarily depends on a student’s course of study. The ideal time to fit study abroad into your curriculum varies with the major. By consulting about study abroad options early on in your SU career, you can optimize your choices by knowing what you can (and cannot) take toward your program of studies abroad. You may study abroad during your final 30 credits at SU.



Can I get credit at Stevenson for the classes that I take while abroad?

Yes, it is required to complete the Credit Equivalency Form prior to departure. This process allows you to know in advance how your study abroad courses will count toward your degree program at SU.

How many credits will I earn when studying abroad?

You must maintain full-time enrollment while abroad, which is a minimum of 12 credits for a semester (maximum 18 credits). Winterim programs typically offer between 3-6 credits and summer programs 3-12 credits, depending on program length.

Can I earn general education credits while abroad?

Yes, depending on the approvals received through the Course Equivalency process.

Will I still graduate on time if I study abroad?

You are strongly encouraged to begin planning for a study abroad experience as early in your SU career as possible. With proper planning, there is no reason that study abroad should delay your graduation.



Parents of SU students studying abroad on “SU in” or SU Affiliate programs are welcome to attend the pre-departure orientation held at Stevenson prior to their students’ program departure. Family and friends may find the below resources to be helpful in preparing for a study abroad experience.


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