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Mide Pecku

Mide Pecku
Orientation and Welcome Leader

Laurel, Maryland


Involvements on Campus
African Student Union (ASU) and Black Student Union (BSU)

Fun Fact
I have a twin sister! She goes to Temple and she is like my best friend. The thing is though, you wouldn’t think we were twins. Not even sisters! We don’t look alike at all.

Favorite Thing about SU
The class sizes. You are really able to connect with your professor and they are able to really get to know you as a person as well as a student.

Advice for New Students
If you’re struggling to make friends and connections, stick to your majors! It’s a really good tactic as students seem to follow the suggested course schedule. You’re able to be in classes with your peers over and over again. Friendships are bound to happen then.

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