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New Student Orientation

  • New Student Orientation

    Becoming a Mustang

    Learn how to succeed at Stevenson by getting to know the school and your fellow students at orientation.

New Student Orientation (NSO) is a four day program for all incoming students, including transfers and commuters, that takes place on campus. Each day is filled with educational, interactive, and fun events where students will get to know one another and learn more about life on campus at Stevenson. Students will spend NSO in a small group with their First Year Seminar (FYS) class and an Orientation Leader (OL) who will be their student resource throughout NSO. Together, the group will attend informative and fun events, have small group discussions about adjusting to the college setting at SU, and more.

Orientation Schedule


All incoming first year students, including transfer and commuter students, are automatically enrolled in New Student Orientation. This program is FREE to all students. Residents will use their meal plans to eat throughout the weekend. Commuter students will receive a voucher for each meal throughout the program.

Participation in New Student Orientation is crucial to your success at Stevenson. If you have questions about New Student Orientation, contact us at

We look forward to seeing you!

Learning Outcomes

Learning takes place not only in the classroom, but outside of it as well, and we are here to facilitate that learning. As Student Activities staff members,

By the end of 2019 New Student Orientation, participants will be able to:

Academic Support

  • Identify at least two University support programs and resources intended to help achieve academic success

Campus Community & Engagement

  • Identify and explain SU’s core values
  • Identify at least one current student who can serve as a resource during New Student Orientation
  • Describe inclusive language and explain why it is important to the SU community
  • Find where classes are
  • Identify resources, programs, activities, and events to connect themselves with the community around them
  • Establish relationships with those around them Health & Safety
  • Understand the University’s policies, expectations, and resources regarding appropriate academic and social behavior
  • Understand how to talk with a partner about sexual health, identify resources for STI/HIV testing and prevention, and identify options for conception and protection
  • Explain the concept of consent
  • Identify on-campus resources related to sexual assault and describe Stevenson’s sexual assault policies
  • Explain SU’s drug and alcohol policy
  • Examine how drug and alcohol related decisions can impact their future at Stevenson and beyond
  • Identify at least two University resources intended to help maintain physical and emotional well-being and mental health

Personal Development

  • Describe their identity (racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, sexual orientation, ability, gender, etc.) and examine the ways in which it influences their experiences in the SU community

Career Exploration

  • List their career goals and identify what steps they need to take during their time at SU to achieve those goals
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