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Academic Success

It’s that time of year again… Finals are coming! They always say the semester flies by and finals will be here before you know it, and boy are they right. It feels like just a few weeks ago we were arriving on campus and beginning fall courses, and yet finals are just a few days away! As the next few days will most certainly be filled with lots of studying and anxiety and all the fun feelings that accompany finals week, we have provided a short list of tips to help you navigate through this next week of… “learning” ;)...Click here to read more.

For many Stevenson students, we are approaching “crunch time.” In addition to having finals week quickly approaching (less than 2 weeks!!), we often have at least one more major exam and/or project to complete or present before course meetings end on December 9th. Between the taste of home that Thanksgiving brought us, the frightening end-of-semester assignments we have left to complete, and the desire to soak up time with school friends who you will miss over the Winter break, this time can be very volatile and stressful....Click here to read more.

Stevenson University is one of nearly 90% of U.S. colleges and universities that utilize student success courses as a way of enhancing the experiences and outcomes for students enrolled at the University. At Stevenson, these student success courses most often take the form of First-Year Seminar courses for first year students, and Seminar/Forum courses clustered by academic program for returning students. In many cases, is a generalized student success course that is completed in a student’s first semester at Stevenson, while academic Seminar/Forum courses are taken each semester that a student is enrolled in a specific academic program....Click here to read more.

This post is brought to you by Michael MacFee, Academic Link Graduate Assistant

Is it really late September already?!

It can be difficult to fathom that we are already on the verge of a full month into the semester. Time has flown by as we moved into new residence halls, met new people, and began new courses....Click here to read more.

The semester is finally over! Congratulations, you made it through! Give yourself a pat on the back because it’s a big accomplishment. It may have been tough for some, and for others it may have been the best semester yet. It’s time to put your best foot forward! ...Click here to read more.

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