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Academic Success

Welcome back everyone! Wow, what a difference it makes having all of the students back on campus. While it was nice to have some time over the summer to plan (and for those of us new folks, to help learn more about SU), it really is this time of year that the excitement kicks in. I thought I could take a moment today to address a mistake that I have seen several students make in this first week of the semester (otherwise known as “Syllabus Week”). All too often, students take a casual approach to their academics at this time. I have even seen students who have not even opened a textbook until the first week is over! If anything I have described pertains to you, I hope that you will hear my advice....Click here to read more.

The Office of Academic Support (OAS) recently advanced the university's mission of engagement by partnering with Stevenson Athletics to clear the field of obstacles to success and score a goal for achievement! Tackling accommodations, tutoring, testing and advising, OAS made its intent clear: the promise of support for our Mustangs on and off the field. ...Click here to read more.
Editors Note: Welcome all to the Academic Success Blog. This week's blog post is written by two of our new staff members, Tasha Gooden and Emma Coomes, who will introduce themsleves as the new Academic Advising team through the OAS!
We are quickly approaching the beginning of a new semester and with every start to a new academic year come changes.  Just last week the office of Academic Support moved from the Greenspring campus to the Owings Mills campus and is now located in Caves Sports and Wellness Center in rooms 248 and 250. We are very excited to have this new space in Caves and hope that it means we will see many of you throughout the year stop in to the office.  We also have two new members to the Academic Support team who will be making up the Academic Advising portion of the office.  Tasha Gooden is the new Director of Advisement and Emma Coomes is a new Advisor....Click here to read more.

Yesterday, the Office of Academic Support (OAS) came together for the first time as a cohesive group to discuss the future directions of the Office. The staff has grown quite a bit in the past few months; since the fall semester, six new members (myself included) have started in their new position. During the retreat, we discussed a number of topics including how our individual strengths and weaknesses impact our abilities to work together as a team, our goals for respective components of the OAS, and the struggles that students often experience throughout their time in college. It truly is great to work with a group so committed to supporting students in their academic endeavors....Click here to read more.

Hello everyone! Today marks the last post of July. This month has surely been hectic in the Link; we have conducted over 40 interviews with students for three open positions (Peer Tutor, Desk Receptionist, and PASS Mentor). The students who applied and were interviewed completely affirmed my initial impression that the students here at SU are of the highest quality. I am beyond excited to get to work with many of them this fall!

While the purpose of this blog is primarily to share academic success tips, I would like to venture out somewhat more broadly for the rest of this post and share some observations I made from the many interviews we conducted....Click here to read more.

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