For the fortunate few who were able to migrate south for a little while – perhaps, say, to Baton Rouge with Stevenson’s Mission: I’m Home group – I hope you had an excellent time, enjoyed the warmth, and did not get too sunburnt! While it may not have felt like much of a “spring” break for those of us who were in the northeast or mid-Atlantic region last week, it is still safe to say that the “break” is the most important part. Whether you spent most of your time off building snowmen or rebuilding Louisiana, hopefully you were able to take some time to relax, reflect, and regroup. 

Now that we are back into the swing of things, it is a great time to refocus and redouble our efforts in the classroom. Much like a playoff-contending Major League Baseball team coming out of the All-Star break, our coursework over the next several weeks will be more intense, our assignments will be more difficult, and our performance will be more scrutinized. On top of that, the blossoming spring means that many of the usual distractions will be all the more tempting. With this in mind, take time now to create a schedule for yourself. Plot out your major exams and assignments, think realistically about how much time it will take you prepare for them, and carve out concrete blocks of time that you can spend focusing on the work. Also, pick a few things you want to do for fun and factor them into your schedule.

Making a realistic, reliable schedule can go a long way in helping us visualize our approach to the rest of the semester and ensuring we don’t get too far behind in our responsibilities. Things will always come up that cause us to adjust our schedule and plans, but having a foundation set will help us navigate these interruptions and stay cognizant of where we need to be in our academic progress.

Image: Stevenson University's Mission: I'm Home poses in Baton Rouge, LA during their recent trip to help Louisianan's in their rebuilding efforts. The Academic Link was proudly represented by Peer Tutors Rebecca Gruver, Amanda Pevey, Morgan Personette, and Samantha Kreps, as well as Academic Link Manager Kevin Knudsen.