Wow, what a way to start the semester! In addition to welcoming new and returning Mustangs, signing students up for tutoring appointments, helping students finalize their spring semester schedules, and training student-employees, we have also been also had the pleasure to “break-in” our brand new space! The brand new Center for Student Success, located on the first floor of Garrison Hall South, is home to the Office of Student Success, including the Academic Link and the Experiential Learning Center. Tutoring has officially begun in the Academic Link, and the number of students scheduling tutoring appointments is quite impressive at this stage of the semester. 

For staff members of the Office of Student Success, it is very encouraging to see students sign up for tutoring early in the semester because we know that these students are most likely to reap the full benefits of our tutors’ services throughout the semester. Compared to students who wait until they get behind to sign up for tutoring, students who sign up early on tend to have three significant advantages. First, they are able to develop a more thorough understanding of the fundamental principles introduced in the initial stages of a course. This greater understanding of fundamental principles, in turn, helps students keep up as their courses continue to build upon them throughout the semester.  Second, students who sign up for tutoring early in the semester have greater ease establishing a schedule that ensures they are spending time on schoolwork. When students take things too easy early in the semester because the information and workload seems easy, it can be much more difficult to adjust as the course gets more and more intense throughout the semester. Establishing good habits now will make things easier later. Finally, students who begin attending tutoring sessions early on develop stronger relationships with their tutors. These relationships can really come in handy as the semester progresses, time becomes increasingly scarce, and deadlines loom.

So stop by the new Center for Student Success in Garrison Hall South. Say hello to our friendly staff, check out the new space, and sign up for a tutoring appointment!

Artwork by Alani Alston '17, Academic Link FDR