I remember not so long ago I transferred from one school to another mid-year. That first semester was a challenge for me. I learned that transferring schools is tough. It’s intimidating coming into a new place where it seems like everyone has already-developed friend groups and social circles. To add to it, often time’s transfer students come in with many general education requirements, therefore they have to balance their upper level classes with adjusting to a brand new environment. While every situation is different, I thought I would pass on a few words of advice for any transfer students coming into SU this semester.

The most important thing I think I can tell you is to get connected to the university early. Even if you commute from home, get to know the campus that you’ll be spending the next few years at. You might have a good idea of what the college experience is all about, but every campus is different. On that note, be sure to use your resources. Often times, transfer students rely on information from their friends or family who already attend the university they transferred to. I don’t want to encourage anyone to distrust the people closest to them, but remember that there are experienced professionals at the University that have your best interest in mind. Finally, remember that you are probably going to be uncomfortable at times in your new setting, but if you put in an honest effort and give it some time, you will find your place at the university. My door is always open for any transfer student who wants to talk about this further!

Kevin’s office is located on the GS campus in KH201C and can be reached at kknudsen@stevenson.edu.