Today's blog post comes to you from Janaya Slaughter, one of the tutors in the Academic Link. Janaya is a sophomore chemistry major who is currently pursuing CRLA Level II certification through the Link's tutor training program. Take a look at her advice for making the most of your tutoring sessions! 

Attending a tutoring session can be very beneficial to your education, however, it is very important to come prepared.  Being ready doesn’t just mean bringing everything you need physically.  While these items are important, it is also necessary to come mentally prepared.  An hour may seem like a long time but the time flies by.  Being a college student, it is hard to fit everything you need to do into one week so it may not be possible to make more than one tutoring session a week.  This makes that hour even more important.

Coming mentally prepared means that you have gone over your notes, practiced some problems on your own and you know what it is that you really would like to focus on during your session.  Peer tutors know what it is like to take the class and they also know that lecturing is not what you came for.  However, it is hard to avoid this method of tutoring when a tutor is unaware of what material you need the most help with.  In my opinion, when working on practice problems in class or working on homework problems, staring the problems that you don’t fully understand can be very helpful so when you come in to the link you are able to give specific examples.  Your tutor may not be able to help you do homework but they can use these problems to guide them in the right direction as far as what skills they should work on with you.

It is very important that you get the most you can out of a tutoring session.  Your tutor is there to help you so don’t be afraid to ask questions or tell your tutor that you didn’t understand what they meant.  Remember, the session is yours not theirs and if you learn a certain way or you get a little lost, you have every right to let your tutor know how you are feeling.  As I mentioned before, they know how you feel because they have taken the course before and maybe even with the same professor.  Following these tips will give you the best chance to help you get the most out of your tutoring session.