As this semester is coming to a close and registration nears, here are a few things to keep in mind in order to be prepared:

  • Take advantage of all of your resources prior to your registration date. These resources include your Academic Advisor and the Office of Academic Support. **Most majors require their students to meet with their advisors prior to registration in order to get checked off to register, so be sure you contact your advisor to schedule a meeting.   
  • Check with Student Accounts. If you have any holds on your account such as fees or tuition payments due or any outstanding funds that haven’t been applied to your account, you will not be able to register for the upcoming semester.   
  • Connect with upperclassmen in your major. Talk with your peers to get valuable information about courses.
  • Be aware of registration date and time. Being aware of your registration date and time will give you the best chances of getting into the courses you want to take. **You can view this through WebXpress under Registration.
  • Develop a “Plan B”. Have alternative courses that will also fulfill degree requirements; in the event you go to register and some of the courses you wanted to take are filled.

Best of luck with registration, Mustangs! If you have any questions or concerns The Office of Academic Support is here to help you. We are located in Caves 248. 

By: Morgan Gallagher and Courtney Thomas