Yesterday, the Office of Academic Support (OAS) came together for the first time as a cohesive group to discuss the future directions of the Office. The staff has grown quite a bit in the past few months; since the fall semester, six new members (myself included) have started in their new position. During the retreat, we discussed a number of topics including how our individual strengths and weaknesses impact our abilities to work together as a team, our goals for respective components of the OAS, and the struggles that students often experience throughout their time in college. It truly is great to work with a group so committed to supporting students in their academic endeavors.

In my experience as a college student, a graduate student studying higher education, and a professional in a higher education setting, I have learned that a number of factors contribute to creating a positive experience for students. One key to student success, though, is establishing support systems and utilizing support resources. To those students about to take the first step in their Stevenson University experience, or to those who are returning but could use a helping hand, be sure to connect with the resources offered by the OAS. We are always looking for new students to connect with and will do everything we can to support you to reach your potential. We hope to see you soon!