Each of us, on our own accord, will forever aim to simultaneously balance the terror of being alive with the wonder of being alive. The wonders of being alive, some would say derive from our passions. There is truth that there are those among us who just seem to have the knowledge of their life purpose from early years. They know exactly what they want to do from the get-go, and they are guided by that passion on their journey of life. So what about the people who do not know exactly what they are meant to do?  

For many reasons unknown, some of us find it a bit more difficult than others to identify our life’s passion(s). That is just the way our hand was dealt in the card game of life. Some people are born with a straight flush, and know exactly what cards to play to get where they need to be. Many of us have to place bets and risks to be able to gain an understanding of the cards in our own hand. So how do we figure out what dream to chase if passion proclaims no guidance?

What I say to you is, follow your curiosity; for it will not lead you astray. Every experience gained is a pivotal piece of the puzzle whether it currently “fits” or not. Perhaps we learn what we like in one field and learn what we do not like in another. Both experiences are needed nonetheless to understand our journey. Follow that inner-calling even if it leads you to the weirdest places. Sometimes the more uncomfortable we are, the better. Growth is not an easy process. In fact, it can be viewed as a destructive process, but must be understood as a constructive process for us to actually benefit from it. Growth sheds away at all the things that are unnecessary to our own unique way of life; thus helping us to grasp a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Do not stop exploring, do not stop seeking new experiences, for it is our curiosity that will lead us to what we are truly meant to do and, in reflecting later down the road; your heart will thank you for it. Through my years of experience here at Stevenson University there have been many new doors that I have had the pleasure of exploring. Thanks to all the involvements I have taken part in, I am now able to shape an understanding of myself and perceive a direction that I am now seeking. We will have to fall, we will have to stumble, but that is what will make life much sweeter when we can finally lay our cards down on the table.

Written by: Myles Wong; Office of Academic Support