For many Stevenson students, we are approaching “crunch time.” In addition to having finals week quickly approaching (less than 2 weeks!!), we often have at least one more major exam and/or project to complete or present before course meetings end on December 9th. Between the taste of home that Thanksgiving brought us, the frightening end-of-semester assignments we have left to complete, and the desire to soak up time with school friends who you will miss over the Winter break, this time can be very volatile and stressful.  

The Office of Student Success recognizes these varying priorities and understands how they can impact student wellness. Below are a few tips to help students navigate the next couple weeks with their mental health, physical well-being, and academic standing intact.

  • Build a calendar. Make a list of everything you want to do before returning home at the end of the semester. This includes academic assignments, social events, holiday celebrations, and anything else. Prioritize the contents of that list and schedule them ahead of time.
  • Maintain a schedule. Plan your days ahead of time and stick to them as best as possible. Be realistic with your plans and provide yourself some breaks and free time.
  • Sleep regularly. Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Although college “all-nighters” are romanticized in popular culture, they are unhealthy and can throw you off your game for several days. While necessary on very rare occasions, try your best to stick to a healthy sleep schedule.
  • Eat Healthy. It isn’t unusual for snacks to supplement study time. Light snacking is okay, but avoid junk food as much as you can. While it isn’t always readily apparent, the quality and nutritiousness of the food you eat can significantly impact your physical and even mental performance.
  • Be vigilant. There are going to be a lot of competing interests over the next couple weeks, and many of your friends are going to have vastly different schedules. There will always be an opportunity to avoid school work and the desire to do so may be greater than usual. Don’t give in to the desire to escape your academic responsibilities. Be vigilant and know that a few weeks of hard work will pay off for years to come.
  • Talk to people. Never be hesitant to seek out help whenever you feel it necessary. Find out what your friends are doing to cope with the stress of the last couple weeks and incorporate any useful information. Talk to your professors about any questions or concerns you may have in a class.
  • Learn more! For more information and tips to help you finish the semester strong, attend tonight’s final Student Success Series session entitled Going the Distance: Finishing Strong! The session will take place on OM campus in SBL 400 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm tonight, November 30.


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