This post is brought to you by Michael MacFee, Academic Link Graduate Assistant

Is it really late September already?!

It can be difficult to fathom that we are already on the verge of a full month into the semester. Time has flown by as we moved into new residence halls, met new people, and began new courses. Now that we are at about the one-month mark, though, most of our courses have academic landmarks that are quickly approaching. With the exception of some minor assignments and quizzes, many of us are now approaching the threshold where we will have to begin delivering our first class presentations, completing our first major exams, and turning in our first substantial papers. 

In addition to receiving a grade from your professor, one byproduct of these initial milestones will be a greater understanding of and appreciation for just how important it is for students to be prepared. Proper preparation for success as a college student includes so much more than simply showing up to class; it involves diligently taking notes, studying the materials extensively outside of class, knowing how to ace the test, and more.

By their very nature, college courses provide students with a great deal of information about what to learn. In most cases, however, these courses do not have the time to also teach you how to learn. As a college student, that part is on you now. Luckily, we’re here to help! Every two weeks throughout the semester, the Academic Link provides Student Success Series workshops to help students develop and cultivate important learning strategies that can help improve academic performance. Check out the attached schedule; we hope to see you at a session soon!