While we may be a few weeks into the “spring” semester, one step outside today will confirm that we certainly haven’t reached the spring season yet. While many weather services are calling for some excellent weather this upcoming weekend, it will still be a while before we can expect warm weather and sunshine on a more consistent basis. 

Why do we bring this up? Because now is the time to take advantage of our inclination to hibernate from the cold. When the actual spring season does begin to roll around, when the temperature outside does incrementally increase, when Stevenson’s spring sports teams do enter the meat of their seasons, there will be an increasing desire to get outside and enjoy the renewal. With that in mind, take advantage of this cold weather. Work hard to get ahead in your classes. Take advantage of tutoring opportunities and study groups. Getting ahead now will help you maintain a healthy balance as the semester progresses and the outside influences continue to pile up. Let’s face it, we are all going to have to buckle down and spend time on schoolwork that we would prefer to spend at a lacrosse game, or sharing a snowball, or on a walk, etc. But those who do not use their time wisely while the weather is still cold will be much more likely to find themselves stuck inside the library for entire weekends, looking out the window as their peers soak up the sunshine. Invest extra time dealing with your schoolwork in February and March, because you won’t want to be the one stuck inside playing catch-up in April and May.