For many, mid-terms are either underway or fast approaching! Check out these helpful tips and strategies from to better manage the stress of your exams and achieve superior Mustang performance!

1. Don’t cram: On this same note, don’t wait until the night before your exam to begin studying for it. Instead, begin preparing now! Setting aside study time, reviewing notes from class, and planning early will help you feel prepared. A 12-hour marathon study session won’t do anything but make you crazy, so remember to take short breaks every hour or so, even if only for 10 minutes. Leave your study area when you do — that bit of fresh air may be just what you needed to clear your head.

2. Enjoy the silence: If you aren’t attending a study session, find a quiet place where you can stay focused and uninterrupted — the library, an empty classroom, the park. Your dorm room may seem like the most obvious place, but have a plan B ready for when the distractions hit (and they will)....Click here to read more.