Editors Note: Welcome all to the Academic Success Blog. This week's blog post is written by two of our new staff members, Tasha Gooden and Emma Coomes, who will introduce themsleves as the new Academic Advising team through the OAS!
We are quickly approaching the beginning of a new semester and with every start to a new academic year come changes.  Just last week the office of Academic Support moved from the Greenspring campus to the Owings Mills campus and is now located in Caves Sports and Wellness Center in rooms 248 and 250. We are very excited to have this new space in Caves and hope that it means we will see many of you throughout the year stop in to the office.  We also have two new members to the Academic Support team who will be making up the Academic Advising portion of the office.  Tasha Gooden is the new Director of Advisement and Emma Coomes is a new Advisor....Click here to read more.