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Academic Success

Date: Jul 2015

Hello everyone! Today marks the last post of July. This month has surely been hectic in the Link; we have conducted over 40 interviews with students for three open positions (Peer Tutor, Desk Receptionist, and PASS Mentor). The students who applied and were interviewed completely affirmed my initial impression that the students here at SU are of the highest quality. I am beyond excited to get to work with many of them this fall!

While the purpose of this blog is primarily to share academic success tips, I would like to venture out somewhat more broadly for the rest of this post and share some observations I made from the many interviews we conducted....Click here to read more.

I remember not so long ago I transferred from one school to another mid-year. That first semester was a challenge for me. I learned that transferring schools is tough. It’s intimidating coming into a new place where it seems like everyone has already-developed friend groups and social circles. To add to it, often time’s transfer students come in with many general education requirements, therefore they have to balance their upper level classes with adjusting to a brand new environment. While every situation is different, I thought I would pass on a few words of advice for any transfer students coming into SU this semester....Click here to read more.

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