The semester is finally over! Congratulations, you made it through! Give yourself a pat on the back because it’s a big accomplishment. It may have been tough for some, and for others it may have been the best semester yet. It’s time to put your best foot forward!   

While you’re enjoying your summer creating memories, I would encourage you to create some goals as well. It’s never too late to set goals for yourself. Whether the goal is to graduate next semester, get an on campus job, or even make new friends, setting goals helps with pointing you in the right direction.

I know that it is summer break and you’re just trying to relax, but remember the importance of goals. Goals ensure that you don’t waste time and they help you with developing a plan for your future. With that being said enjoy your summer but put your goal setting into motion!!

Written by: Courtney Thomas; Senior Intern, Office of Student Success