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Academic Integrity Blog

Tips for Surviving the Semester

Tip #1:  Get Organized

Organization is a key component to achieving success in college. Being organized early on in the semester is better, but it is never too late to get organized. It's a skill that helps with time management and saves stress in the long run.

Tip #2:  Discover the resources Stevenson has to offer

Stevenson University offers a variety of resources for students. Library services are available on Greenspring (GS), Owings Mills (OM), and Owings Mills North (OMN).

The Office of Student Success (Garrison Hall South in OM), The Academic Link (Knott Hall in GS, Garrison Hall South in OM), and the Experiential Learning Center (Garrison Hall South in OM) can help you reach your full academic potential through tutoring and mentorship services.

Tip #3:  Get Involved

You may quickly find yourself overwhelmed with completing homework, writing papers, and studying for upcoming quizzes/exams. Stevenson University offers numerous clubs, sports teams, and honor societies for students. Be sure to get involved on campus to build friendships. 



Authored by: Jeda Greenwood, Criminal Justice

Do you know what "contract cheating" is?  Most people don't.  The Office of Academic Integrity took part in the International Day Against Contract Cheating by hosting a white-board demonstration to bring awareness to this hard-to-detect form of academic dishonesty.

Contract cheating occurs when a student pays someone to complete coursework for them, and it turns out that in the state of Maryland it is ILLEGAL.  Possible penalties include less than 6 months in prison, or a fine of up to $1000.  

Stevenson's Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC)  and the Office of Academic Integrity are committed to helping our Mustangs understand the importance of doing their own work, so they can excel with integrity. 


authored by Tess Gillis and Jeda Greenwood

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